This is sfxr.js, a sound effects generator for video games. The code was originally http://www.drpetter.se/project_sfxr.html and was ported to JavaScript using the Audio Data API for Firefox 4. The UI is just a quick hack, and if you'd like to make it look better, we'd be happy for the patch!

You can choose a predefined sound below, then play it, mutate it (change it just a bit), or generate a .wav file from it. You can also alter the various aspects of the sound using the advanced settings below. The current sound will be "saved" on the URL as a string in the form sound=..., and you can share this or bookmark it for later.

Manipulate Current Effect:


Current Effect Visualization

Predefined Effects:


Chooose New Wave Type for Current Effect:

Square  Saw  Sine  Noise

Advanced Settings for Current Effect:

Attack Time:
Sustain Time:
Sustain Punch:
Decay Time:
Start Frequency:
Min Frequency:
Delta Slide:
Vibrato Depth:
Vibrato Speed:
Change Amount:
Change Speed:
Square Duty:
Duty Sweep:
Repeat Speed:
Phaser Offset:
Phaser Sweep:
LP Filter Cutoff:
LP Filter Cutoff Sweep:
LP Filter Resonance:
HP Filter Cutoff:
HP Filter Cutoff Sweep:
Master Volume: